Ausstellung "Entropic Elegy", 2019

Ausstellungsansichten in der Galerie Mariton im Centre des Sciences et des Arts,
St. Ouen, Paris. 

Kuratorisches Konzept, Ausstellungsplanung und Realisierung
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Kuratorenkollektivs Diametre. 

Entropic Elegy

The notion of entropy is used in physics to measure the level of disorganisation of a system. The higher it is, the most homogenous and indifferenciate are its composants. In the universe, as complexity develops, entropy rises. It emerges in the death of a star, in the telluric movements of mountains, in old architecture. This inclination towards dissolution exists in each structure behind every organisation, from cosmic greatness to extreme smallness of nature, on various scales of time. It makes us aware of the unicity of the vast environment we live in, and reminds us that we are also meant to disappear.

From this feeling of irrevocable loss rises a desire for survival. The structures, the images and affections that compose our intimate and social body need to be preserved to assert our presence in the world. As vanitas, these attempts of preservation are like footprints, and are, themselves, submitted to entropy. It seems that the matter and the spirit would create, as a byproduct, a mutual degradation process. This double movement between erasing and remanence falls under elegiac thinking. We will accept the end of the present, the erosion of territories, a memory disappearing, only when the mental mechanism of recalling and revision will be exhausted, leaving room for new possibilities to appear progressively.

Entropic Elegy plays with this tension between possible void and future reformation, between our resignations and our hopes. The works shown in this exhibition borrow from scientific and technical vocabulary to deal with processes that capture ephemeral, concrete or abstract forms. Whether they replay an event to grasp the essence of it, observe the metamorphosis of matter, cristallise an object to ensure its permanence, or combine memory fragments as new interpretations of our emotions, they create a cartography of reactions against absence, while characterizing themselves by their fragility. They shine a light on the state of contraction that we feel when we stand on the verge of separation, the perspectives it brings and the risks inherent to it.

Entropic Elegy is part of a cycle of three exhibitions led by Ulysse Bordarias, Evelyn Möcking, Daniel Nehring and Andreas Schröder. It follows the exhibition Organic Drama presented in Düsseldorf and precedes another, Cosmic Improvisation, that will happen in Leipzig. Each exhibition is a way of thinking and reinventing a dialog between the works of four artists around a common theme. The collective Diamètre has been invited to be part of the curative process of Entropic Elegy.


Ausstellung "Organic Drama", 2019


"Organic Drama - Enthropic Elegy - Cosmic Improvisation": ein Drei-Akt-Szenario mit Auftakt im WELTKUNSTZIMMER, das vier KünstlerInnen die Möglichkeiten gibt, Verbindungen in ihren Ideen, künstlerischen Objekten und Bildern im Ausstellungsraum zu sehen, zu definieren und auszuloten.

Organic Drama:

Poetic, humorous, irritating. If every artist is conceived as an organic closed system, the exhibition should be a superior and complex system, in a relationship similar to the one that exists between organ and body. The organic drama starts when something goes wrong in the organisation – between each organs and collective fusion, organisation and chaos, there is a space were nothing is yet decided.Should it be the demarcation between the different works, how can contradictory wishes be balanced, what kind of organisation or chaos could lead us to reach the best connections?

In this exhibition, organic as well as inorganic, amorphous as well as technical should cross, interweave and ultimately grow into a dramatic organism. The respective works can be parasitic or symbiotic. Thereby the characteristics of the individual works are strenghtened and compacted, so that new structures of aesthetic interaction are revealed.“

Ulysse Bordarias, Evelyn Möcking, Daniel Nehring und Andreas Schröder gründeten vor drei Jahren eine Künstlerkooperation. Ihre Ideen und Ausstellungskonzepte entwickeln die KünsterInnen durch regelmäßigen Austausch. Sie leben und arbeiten in drei verschiedenen Städten: in Paris, Düsseldorf und Leipzig.

Ausstellungsansichten im Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf.

Kuratorisches Konzept, Ausstellungsplanung und Realisierung
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Ausstellung "Planet 58 - Absolventen der Kunstakademie", 2019

Ausstellungsansichten im K21 Ständehaus.


Ausstellung "Excuse me for my exudate", 2018

Einzelausstelung mit Evelyn Möcking im Kunstverein Ahlen.

Kuratorisches Konzept zusammen mit Evelyn Möcking.

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Abschlusspräsentation, 2018

Verschiedene Materialien
Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


Searching for the revolution, 2018

Verschiedene Materialien, Maße variabel
Installationsansicht: Kunstverein Ahlen

Im Mittelpunkt der Installation steht eine Skulptur, dessen Zentrum ein mit Gold bedampftes Schamhaar der 68er Ikone Rainer Langhans bildet sowie eine Videoprojektion, die das Verfahren der Rasterelektronenmikrospie (REM) nutzt, um den Blick auf dieses Objekt zu thematisieren.
Durch die Goldeinfassung und auratische Aufladung des Objekts erinnert der Prozess an Konservierung oder Transformation, vor allem aber an Sakralisierung, liegt doch am Ende – einer Reliquie gleich – ein ca. 3cm durchmessenes Artefakt vor.
Die Videoprojektion bildet hierzu einen Gegenpol: In nüchterner Manier wird das Haar einer wissenschaftlichen Betrachtung unterzogen; das Schamhaar als Objekt erscheint auf den ersten Blick näher. Detailierter. Gleichzeitig drängt sich das Verfahren selbst in den Vordergrund und abstrahiert den Blick auf das Objekt.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Evelyn Möcking.

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